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The #mashercrew

They make up the masherbrum family

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, they participate in the Masherbrum adventure by testing products in the four corners of the Alps, and by promoting our values. Discover the happy gang of the #mashercrew!

Anaïs Barbeau

"As a mountain leader and first aid instructor, the outdoors is an integral part of my life. I have a particular passion for ski-mountaineering. For me, the mountains are a means of expression from which I draw my inspiration. And Ubaye is my Garden of Eden, my playground!

Antoine Rolle

"As a true southerner, I am easily recognized by my loud, singing voice. I also like to jam my knees on the pillars, to hit the ice or to walk through unexplored valleys at the other end of the world. As a geologist first, a mountain guide and very soon a mountain rescuer, nature is an integral part of my way of life."

Gautier Supper

"Climber since the age of ten in Val d'Isère, climbing quickly became my way of life! My ten years of World Cup climbing have given me many encounters, emotions and maturity for the future. Today I'm turning to outdoor sports in general, no longer for the podiums but for pure pleasure!"

Marie-Doha Truchot

"A climber and doctor, I walk the cliffs of the south of France, with a few forays into high altitude. I love nature in all its forms and recognize myself in Masherbrum's eco-design requirement."

Pauline Sautarel

"Since my childhood in the heart of the Sancy, I have been passionate about outdoor sports, to the point of becoming a professional outdoor photographer. Masherbrum represents all the values I like to defend, and I am proud to raise awareness of the eco-design of the brand's textile. Nature is fragile, it's high time to preserve it!"

Robin Bar

"Born to a father who was a guide, I turned to the mountains through my natural medium of expression: photography. Masherbrum and I have a long history! In the Massif Central, in the Vercors or in Oisans, I am proud to wear the colours of the brand and to defend its values."

Thomas Johannes

"After several years in the world's top 10 in climbing, I have now turned my climbing skills to the service of versatility in the mountains! I like to practice it in all its forms: alpinism, climbing, trail, skiing, ice. Enriching myself with new experiences, while sharing moments of cohesion, is my main source of motivation and energy."

jean lefalher mountaineering mountain climbing

Jean Lefalher

"A violinist by training, a climber, a mountaineer and a kayaker, my greatest happiness is to live beautiful adventures in the mountains... and to share them. I fell in love with the cliffs of the Diois, at the foot of which I put my suitcases. In spite of everything, my suitcases never stay closed for very long, a childhood in the circus cannot be forgotten!