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1 Masherbrum garment purchased = €1 for Mountain Wilderness

Our commitment to associations

Since 2017, Masherbrum has been working with Mountain Wilderness to preserve the mountain environment

Because we love the wild and authentic mountains, and we want our children to be able to enjoy them too,

Because we believe that the natural balance in our massifs must be preserved,

Because we are convinced that the future of mountain activities lies in gentle and non-polluting practices.

We are proud to join the association Mountain Wilderness and donate 1€ for each product sold on the website. So, with each purchase you participate a little to the safeguard of our dear mountain spaces!

Mountain Wilderness

Mountain Wilderness is a worldwide NGO acknowledged as public-utility in France. It has been working on all continents for 30 years for preserving mountain areas. Among its numerous actions, the association leads cleaning operations on various summits, opposes the overdevelopment and exclusive appropriation of mountains by those who just want to exploit them, and promotes activities and practices that foster self-reliance, respect for nature and the shared enjoyment of mountains by all those who love them.

"By wilderness we mean that environment at high altitude where all those who wish to do so can still experience a direct encounter with the great outdoors, and freely experience the solitude, the silences, the rhythms, the dimensions, the natural laws and the dangers. - Extract from the founding text of Mountain Wilderness