Masherbrum acts with Reforest’Action for reforesting peruvian Amazonia

In an effort to reach the lowest carbon footprint, Masherbrum has choosen to support the social enterprise Reforest’Action, from September 2019.

From now on, for each product bought on Masherbrum website, you will receive a unique code which will allow you, by logging on, to plant one tree and take part of the reforestation project Urku, in Peru, supported by Masherbrum. 

reforesting amazonia project peru

Thereby, we aim to plant at least 2000 trees from September 2019 to August 2020. The wood species selected by this project are maya walnut, capirona, cedrona and guapuruvu.

In San Martin region, over 1.6 millions Ha of primal forest have disappeared during the past fifty years. The reforestation project in Peru, around the city of Tarapoto, aims to protect the biodiversity while contributing to food safety for local communities. Indeed, maya walnut’s fruits have excellent nutritional qualities and are harvested by Tarapoto’s families.

Trees are an inestimable asset for sensitive areas such as Amazonia. Not only do they absorbe carbon dioxyde all along their growth, but they also offer shelters for local species, they improve soils irrigation, and so their fertility.

Regarding the major challenges we face such as global warming, and also the dreadful wildfires devastating the amazonian forest this summer 2019, it is more than necessary to commit for the preservation of these sensitive areas.

More than the preservation of the local fauna and flora, the stakes also concern the life of its inhabitants which are highly affected. So help us now in our action !