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1 Masherbrum garment purchased = 1 tree planted


In 30 years, humans have deforested an area of the planet that is almost seven times the size of France, with disastrous impacts on biodiversity, climate balance and local populations.

Since 2019, we have chosen to strengthen our redistribution actions by financing coherent and ethical reforestation projects .

2019-2021: 4000 trees planted in the Amazon within the Urku project

In the San Martin region of the Peruvian Amazon, 1.6 million hectares of primary forest have disappeared in the last 50 years. The Urku project in this region aims to protect biodiversity while contributing to the food security of local populations, with the reforestation of species of high social utility: the Mayan walnut, capirona, mahogany cedar and guapuruvu. We have partnered with Reforest'action to finance the planting of 4,000 trees in this project over two years.

2022-today: Engagement in France with the Duramen Association

In 2022 Masherbrum is committed to a new project with theDuramen Association. still based on the formula 1 Masherbrum garment purchased = 1 tree planted. This association, which is recognised as being of public interest, organises the reforestation of plots of land in the Centre - Val de Loire region. This involves the transformation of poor stands, the afforestation of agricultural land, or forests destroyed by fire or storms. More than just planting trees, the Duramen association works to guarantee the diversity of species and to ensure the good growth of the plantations concerned.

In addition to absorbing CO2 as they grow, trees provide refuges for local species and maintain better irrigation and soil fertility.

In the face of major challenges such as global warming, the destruction of biodiversity and the reduction of wilderness areas, it is essential to commit to maintaining these sensitive areas.

The new Sury-aux-Bois forest

Our first project financed with the Duramen association is the reforestation of a poor plot with species potentially adapted to climate change.

12 species were planted, including Atlas cedars, redwoods, Turkish firs, Chumard oaks... They were chosen to test the adaptation of the species to the climatic conditions of the Orléans forest.

The project was completed in March 2023, and the new forest is growing every day!


reforestation project france masherbrum
reforestation reforestation france masherbrum

The Langeais reforestation project

Following our financing of the reforestation operation in Sury-aux-Bois, we are now committed to a reforestation operation in the commune of Langeais (37), once again with the Duramen association.

This decaying forest is made up of 85% diseased chestnut trees, which will be replaced by maritime pines, Atlas cedars, sessile oaks and laricio pines, for a total of around 6,000 trees. The aim is to replace a dying stand with a forest featuring a diversity of species resilient to climate change.

Concrete actions supported by local associations such as Duramen help protect and adapt forests to the challenges of global warming.