The organic T-shirt, what does that mean?

At Masherbrum, we have the will to design clothes in which you feel good, in your body and in your mind!

To enable you to carry out your daily activities in comfort in an organic T-shirt, we select the best textile materials that meet our requirements. But what does an organic T-shirt actually mean?

What's so special about an organic cotton t-shirt?

You surely know that cotton, a material that has been used for years for its comfort and durability, is a natural vegetable fiber. But do you know the truth behind this white gold? Do you know that on a global scale:

  • its crop alone uses 25% of the pesticides, whereas it only represents 2.4% of the land.
  • 2,500L of water are necessary to produce a t-shirt, i.e. 2.5 tons for a finished product of only 150gr.

This makes cotton without a doubt one of the most polluting crops in the world. That's why at Masherbrum we have turned entirely to organic cotton, a real alternative to conventional cotton to improve our environmental impact. Designing organic cotton t-shirts takes all its meaning when we know that the farmers involved in this approach make the choice to grow the fiber without using toxic chemicals and dangerous for ecosystems and reduce water consumption by 71% and energy consumption by 62% compared to a conventional crop, which implies a reduction of greenhouse gases. The result is a quality organic cotton T-shirt with a minimal carbon footprint.

Although this organic cotton crop is longer and more expensive, we have definitively stopped using conventional cotton since 2017. In our Ultrasoft organic t-shirt collection, organic cotton is combined with wood pulp fibres to guarantee a garment with a low environmental impact.

Organic cotton T-shirt: under what guarantee?

To guarantee you environmentally friendly organic cotton t-shirts, it is not enough to choose a material that is grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Indeed, it is necessary, for the sake of transparency, to control the entire textile value chain, because once harvested, organic cotton can be mixed with other conventional fibres at the time of spinning, or be dyed with chemicals that are toxic to the environment and our health.

This is why we use certifications such as the GOTS label (Global Organic Textile Standard), which ensures the organic character of textiles throughout their production. Thus, from the harvesting of the raw material to the labelling of the finished product, through all the manufacturing stages (spinning, knitting, dyeing, making up), this standard guarantees compliance with the environmental and social requirements established since 2005 on an international scale.

In addition, all the cotton we use also meets the OCS (Organic Content Standard) label.

It is therefore through these certifications that we guarantee you a 100% reliable organic t-shirt in our Ultrasoft collection. Organic cotton has considerable environmental advantages over conventionally grown cotton, but that doesn't make it a zero impact fiber. At Masherbrum, we are constantly looking for better solutions to ensure that the clothes you buy consume as few resources as possible, and to this end we are currently developing new products with an even lower impact.